Building Chicken Coops – Save Money and have Healthier, Safer Chickens

If you’re looking to build a chicken house, then you’ve come to the right place! For our family, it all started one fine Easter morning when our dear friend gave our children about a dozen baby chicks for Easter.

chicken house plans download image

The rest is history now, but we went through a lot, and the family really enjoyed having the baby chickens, watching them grow, and eventually having some organically grown fresh eggs.

chicken house plans download image

(Aren’t they so cute??) The hunt was on to find suitable chicken house plans so that we could build a home for the chickens that was safe for them, protected from the elements and predators, and yet functional enough so that the kids could monitor their growth and progress. Unfortunately, our first attempts were very feeble attempts with the kids and I hammering a weak wooden frame together and them slapping on some basic “chicken wire” from the local Home Depot. At that time we were not thinking about proper materials, insulation, lighting, nesting (what the heck is a nesting box we thought) and even more.

chicken house plans download image

We needed some chicken house plans, and fast! chicken house plans download image

We tried making some of our own, but they just were not complete. We kept leaving something out. But then we found a resource that gave us all the information, plans, designs, material lists that we would need to build our chicken coop. Better yet, it contained all of this information — and a whole lot more.

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